About us

Alex Kerr - Chairman
Andy McCrory - treasurer
Antony Crawford - Secretary
Kevin McLaughlin - Committee Member

Johnstone Sound was the idea of Alex Kerr, who was born in the town and lived in Howwood road. The idea was to give the Town a community radio service. One of Alex dreams when he was 16 and at Johnstone High School. Alex also founded Johnstone Talking Newspaper for the blind back in 1982, a service that’s now celebrating its 40th year now as Renfrewshire Sound.

Alex made contact with Andy McCrory, a local lad and started to plan together how they would start the station. Johnstone Sound was first broadcast on April 2019 from its website. Soon after they realised they needed more community involvement. Antony Crawford joined and fast became the stations first LIVE presenter broadcasting over 3 shows a week. Antony was soon asked to join the committee.   Kevin McLaughlin is our newest committee member and works hard like all of the committee to keep Johnstone Sound on air and help promote the station whenever he can.

Today Johnstone Sound now have 15 members, who do a variety of jobs , either on-air or behind the scenes. The station continues to broadcast online but working on going onto DAB in Renfrewshire once its announced soon. You can hear the station not only from the stations website but we are on most good online radio platforms. CLICK HERE to see. 

We are always looking for new members to join  us to help us work together broadcast a true local community radio service. CLICK HERE to join.

We are supported by local businesses  and donations, If you would like to help support s, or maybe you are the owner of a local business and would like to help a local community group. CLICK HERE for more details.