Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Johnstone Sound

Community Online Radio For Johnstone

Advertise With Us

Advertise locally to people in and around Johnstone, renfrewshire and the world.. It’s cost effective and makes sense to advertise on a non profit community online station. Our listeners are you customers!

We welcome local and national businesses, charities and other organisations to advertise for a low cost to help our station continue to broadcast to the community.

Advertising on radio is a way of getting heard by many people no matter where they are and it works!

Our advertising packages are designed to simply cover our costs of running the station and this passes a huge saving.

Our production team will help create a script and professionally produced advert for you that can get heard up every hour.

Furthering your business’ exposure to our listeners!

We offer sponsored live shows, presenter sponsors and can help with running “On Air” competitions.

Benefits of advertising on radio

Radio advertising is memorable and repetitive. Meaning your customers get used to hearing about you gradually over time.

With us, it’s local! – You’ll be advertising to people that can pick up the phone or come to your premises without any trouble.

With us It’s cost effective.

We simply want to continue offering a service and listener choice to you and the community of Johnstone.

With over 7000 listeners last month, we offer listener choice and a great variety to everyone and you could be part of that.

Advertise locally and you’ll be helping the community and small businesses like yours too.

Find out more

There is no hard sell, from us we just want to keep the station online and legal.

Get in touch by contacting us to find out more.

Call: 01505 257 646 (not 24 hours, leave a message)



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