Court of Session upholds approval for North Sea oil field

GREENPEACE has  failed in its bid to get a court to revoke BP’s permit for a North Sea oil field.

The campaigning group launched an action in Scotland’s Court of Session in which it claimed that the government wrongly granted BP and Ithaca Energy a permit to develop the 30 million barrel Vorlich field without it considering the climate impact of burning the oil extracted.

A panel of judges headed by Lord Carloway ruled that the government’s decision to grant the permit was lawful.

In his written judgement Lord Carloway wrote: “It would not be practicable, in an assessment of the environmental effects of a project for the extraction of fossil fuels, for the decision maker to conduct a wide ranging examination into the effects, local or global, of the use of that fuel by the final consumer.”

Greenpeace described the judgement as a win for the fossil fuel industry and said it would launch an appeal.

Noting that the COP26 environmental summit is due to be held next month, in Glasgow, Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said: 

“In just a few weeks’ time Boris Johnson will be opening global climate talks where his actions, not his words, will be what counts. 

“And right now his actions are covered in oil. We will not give up the fight for the climate. Our intention is to appeal this ruling before the Supreme Court.”

The Herald Scotland

The Herald Scotland

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