Explosion at Kabul airport after terror attack warnings

The Pentagon has confirmed an explosion at Kabul airport amid warnings over an imminent terror attack.

Initial reports suggest it was caused by a suicide bomber, at an area outside the airport where thousands of people have been waiting for applications to get out of Afghanistan to be processed.

Some people have been waiting in the area for days with their families, trying to flee the country for fear of their lives. 

There are also reports of fatalities and injured American soldiers, however the number is unknown. 

John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, tweeted about the incident this afternoon. 


The UK Government Ministry of Defence also said it was trying to establish what has happened, and the impact to the evacuation effort, but added: “Our primary concern remains the safety of our personnel, British citizens and the citizens of Afghanistan.

“We are in close contact with our US and other NATO allies at an operational level on the immediate response to this incident.” 

France’s ambassador to Afghanistan David Martinon warned Afghans that they should get away from the airport, and said a second exploision was possible. 

It is feared the incident could mark an end of the evacuation efforts by UK military personnel. 

Conservative MP Alicia Kearns, a member of the foreign affairs and national security strategy committees, said there had been “many hurt” in an attack at the Baron Hotel, where Britons and Afghans eligible for repatriation were being processed.

She said: “A bomb or attack with gun fire at northern gate of Baron’s Hotel. Worried this will devastate evacuation – so many hurt. My heart is with all those injured and killed.”

Tory MP Nusrat Ghani said she was on the phone to somebody outside Kabul airport when the blast took place.

The MP tweeted: “Explosion at Kabul airport. I was on the phone to an Afghan outside the airport when he heard the explosion.

“Praying that he gets away safely and we get his family safe passage out of this nightmare.”

Stewart McDonald, the SNP’s defence spokesman, said: “This is a truly awful development that many predicted. The details of the impact are still coming through but this is a dark, sobering and angering day in amongst all this chaos that could have been avoided.” 

This morning the UK and US were warning people not to travel to the airport, with Armed forces minister James Heappey saying there is “very credible reporting” of an “imminent” and “severe” threat to Kabul airport by ISIS-K, a particularly brutal splinter group of ISIS. 


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