Glasgow in the Rain – Buchanan Street, Will Freeborn

SEPTEMBER. That month of the year where we yearn for an extension of summer while autumn comes dropping softly towards us. Days suspended in smirry rain, like this, as captured by artist Wil Freeborn.

Freeborn has spent years now pinning the textures and colours of everyday Scottish life to the page. His is a Scotland of cafes and corner shops, hedgerows and barbed wire fences.

“Beautiful panoramas make for quite difficult sketches, ” he once told the Sunday Herald. Instead, his sketches and watercolours find a beauty in the ordinary, and in doing so make us look at the world around us in a different light. Even if that light is, as here, rather smeary.

An exhibition of watercolours 2021 – Inverclyde / Glasgow / Edinburgh by Wil Freeborn opens at McGilps Pop-Up Shop, 5 Kempock Street, Gourock, on Tuesday and runs until Sunday. For more information about Wil Freeborn’s work visit his Instagram account @wilfreeborn

The Herald Scotland

The Herald Scotland

The Herald is a Scottish broadsheet newspaper founded in 1783. The Herald is the longest running national newspaper in the world and is the eighth oldest daily paper in the world. The title was simplified from The Glasgow Herald in 1992