Green MSP Maggie Chapman speaks out over racist online abuse

A SCOTTISH Green MSP has spoken out after being subjected to racist abuse.

Maggie Chapman shared on social media a derogatory email sent to her inbox.

The North East Scotland MSP – who was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) – was attacked for being pro-immigration.

The online abuser said she should go “back to Rhodesia” as they ranted about “foreigners”.

Posting screenshots of the email on Twitter, Chapman said the abuse was “not ok”.

She wrote: “So, the state of my inbox today. Not just the usual transphobia & homophobia, but a bit of racism too. How nice.”

The Green MSP added: “I’m lucky I can laugh this off. I’m aware of my privilege & try daily to use it for the good of others. Not everyone can though. This is not ok!”

Chapman’s post comes just a matter of hours after another parliamentarian told of being racially abused.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf also shared abusive message he received online, including death threats.

The SNP minister posted: “This flurry of racist abuse and death threats is clearly from someone extremely deranged & luckily this level of threat is rare.

“But unfortunately too many think Politicians are fair game for abuse, we’re human too, I’m a parent of two kids, how can I not be affected by this?”

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