Hamish Hawk on lockdown and creativity

EDINBURGH singer-songwriter Hamish Hawk has revealed that last year’s lockdown was a huge incentive to work on his new album Heavy Elevator.

Speaking to The Herald Magazine 6 Music favourite Hawk said that the beginning of lockdown last March proved a surprising boon for creativity.

“Lockdown when it landed in March really felt like it could be some kind of fatal blow, even for the industry,” Hawk admitted. “But the band and I completely rallied and were sending demos back and forth, doing a lot of writing. There was this purple patch in the middle of last year, summertime, where we were constantly writing.”

Hawk, 29, has had three singles on the 6 Music playlist this year and is now gearing up for the release of his latest album on September 17. In a wide-ranging conversation in The Herald Magazine tomorrow, he talks about his childhood in Edinburgh, being compared to Jarvis Cocker, Morrissey and even Euripides and why he wants people to dance the Gay Gordons at his funeral.

The Herald Scotland

The Herald Scotland

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