Helicopter convoy spotted over West of Scotland — here’s why

A MYSTERY surrounding a convoy of helicopters spotted flying over the west coast of Scotland has been solved.

Residents across the country have aired their speculation after spotting at least six of the choppers flying overhead in a close pack, as the Ardrossan Herald reports.

They were first spotted on Tuesday evening, heading west from Renfrewshire in the direction of Prestwick Airport. 

They were spotted again on Wednesday morning, with one Twitter user asking: “[I] live at top end of Kilmarnock and at least 12 Helicopters have just flown over – looking like they are heading for Prestwick. Anyone else see them?”


Eagled eyed enthusiasts took to the website FlightRadar, however a lack of information only helped spark further interest.

Some social media users suggested they were training exercises for the upcoming climate summit in Glasgow, which is set to attract high-level delegates from across the world.

One user guessed: “We’ve been getting them in Glasgow heading towards The Hydro, must be doing dummy runs for #COP26”

Another suggested it was “Protection for Prince Andrew on his way to Balmoral” – after the Queen’s son was spotted visiting her in the Aberdeenshire estate.

A third pointed towards the ongoing Ministry of Defence ‘Exercise Chameleon 2-21’ –  a series of low-flying training exercises taking place this month. 


They said: “There’s a big military exercise on at the moment, maybe something to do with that?”

But another replied: “Don’t know… but never seen that amount of Helicopters flying over – not even when Trump was visiting. Really strange.”

Sharon Dalgoutte, a member of our sister title The Ardrossan Herald’s Camera Club, shared some images as they “Whirlybirds” flew over the Three Towns from the Isle of Arran.

However, it appears the mustery has since been solved – thanks to a post from Knockinaam Lodge, near the Rhins village of Portpatrick in Dumfries and Galloway.

They showed half a dozen private ‘copters were spotted on Monday morning on their lawn.


The fine-dining venue, the lawn of which also doubles up as a helipad, said: “What is a Helicopter Safari?

“It is when a group of like-minded people decide to travel around the country, stopping off at different locations.

“What a fabulous site for a Monday morning.

“P.S. please book ahead.”


 Did you spot them? Let us know. 

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