Kongsberg: Norway bow-and-arrow attack leaves ‘several’ killed

Several people have been killed and others injured in Norway after a bow and arrow attack, according to reports.

The BBC reports local police announced the incident in the town of Kongsberg, south-west of Oslo, at around 6.30pm local time. 

Chief Oeyvind Aas said a suspect had been caught and appears to have acted alone.

Authorties have sealed off several large areas. It appears the suspect moved throughout the town during the attack.

Locals were ordered to stay indoors during the incident, with local media reports suggesting the attacker opened fire at a Coop Extra supermarket.

The suspect has now been taken to a police station in the town of Drammen, police said.

As yet police say the number of casualties is unclear, as is the motive for the attack.

The injured have been taken for treatment at nearby hospitals.

Dozens of emergency vehicles are reportedly at the scene, including ambulances, police cars and helicopters.

The Herald Scotland

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