Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Johnstone Sound

Community Online Radio For Johnstone

Locked Down!

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If, like all of us and staying safe and currently locked down. Why not come and join us at Johnstone Sound, its FREE and easy to do.

All our presenters broadcast from their homes, while self isolating, which is in a very safe environment.

What do you need?

Well first, all you need is a laptop / pc with a microphone, headset or plug in mic. Broadband. Thats the basics.

To play music, may need to have to add a bit more. We help you all the way, but here is a very basic set up:

  1. PC with a line in sound card socket, its the blue one. If your on a laptop you may need to add a usb soundcard with a line in feature.
  2. A small audio mixer with one microphone input and at least two stereo line channels. Then you can connect your mixer to either your soundcard (laptop) or direct into your PC soundcard (blue socket) on your PC.
  3. Now you can connect an second device to play music through one of the stereo channels, this can come from another device for playing music, phone, mp3 player, other pc /laptop with music automation. We help you through all of this so DON’T worry.
  4. We then send you a link to install a small bit of software, called an encoder which sends the audio to us at Johnstone Sound.

Contact us on 01505 257 646 or email