Luxury lifestyle platform aims to ease staffing woes with unique incentives

The founders of a new luxury lifestyle website based in Scotland are targeting the corporate membership market as employers are increasingly looking for ways to attract and retain skilled staff.

Launched in June, the Mor Card is a members-only platform offering discounts, exclusives and limited-edition products and experiences from more than 100 premier brands, about one-third of which are in Scotland. With thousands of individual members, and on course to reach 100,000 by the end of this year, founders Urchana Moudgil and Craig Unsworth are launching a drive into the employee rewards market.

“We know that people don’t only leave companies to make more money,” Ms Moudgil said. “They want to feel valued.

“Craig and I have worked for other companies in the past, and we know what we enjoyed and appreciated as employees. That is what we are trying to bring to the Mor Card.”

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With staff increasingly focused on work-life balance, offers on the platform are weighted towards “experiences” to help people relax and enjoy themselves. These cover a range of areas such as fitness, beauty treatments, dining, baking courses, outdoor adventures and sporting events.

Among the brands featured are names such as Digme Fitness, Sans Matin, Cefinn, Koble and Saint Fragrance. Eden Mill, Jedburgh micro-bakery Naked Sourdough and Glasgow-based rum distillery Old Mother Hunt rank among its independent Scottish brands.

“We are focused on premium, and we are not ashamed about being obsessed with quality,” Ms Moudgil said.

“We work with the brands as well, and we try to keep the website fresh, so you won’t see the same things on there for months and months on end. We want our members to know that whenever they log on, they will find something new and fresh.”

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An annual individual membership priced at £79 per person is required to access Mor Card offers. Corporate organisations will be able to purchase them on behalf of staff or customers as a “thank you” for their loyalty.

Originally from Edinburgh, Ms Moudgil and Mr Unsworth first met in 2013 when they worked together for a couple of years in conjunction with an equity-backed business based in London. She is a chartered accountant, while Mr Unsworth’s background is in marketing and technology.

“Craig and I have always shared a love of marketplaces and the lifestyle sector, and we were constantly talking about different ideas that we had,” she said. “When we come together, we share the same vision.”

Now employing 14 people, Mor Card is described as “the first venture from Loytech – specialists in loyalty and technology”. The venture has been backed by private investment from Lord David Brownlow and Ben Rawson of Havisham Group, the investment portfolio and trading firm founded in 2013 by Lord Brownlow.

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