Matt Hancock Affair: Gove says Boris Johnson right not to sack health secretary

BORIS Johnson did the right thing by not sacking Matt Hancock after evidence of his affair with Gina Coladangelo was revealed, Michael Gove has insisted.

Mr Hancock, the former UK Government health secretary, resigned the day after photographs of him kissing his advisor were published by The Sun newspaper.

The Prime Minister subsequently claimed, through his spokesman, that he “considered the matter closed” after Mr Hancock apologised to him for breaking social distancing rules with the embrace inside his Whitehall office.

But the following day the married 42-year-old MP announced he was resigning.

Asked about the saga during a visit to Aberdeen, Mr Gove, the Cabinet Office Minister, said: “I think that Matt made the right decision.

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“I think in all of these questions, all of us have an opportunity to reflect on different aspects of the matter.

“But now that Matt has made his decision, I think we should respect that.”

Challenged about whether the Prime Minister, who was himself sacked by former Conservative leader Michael Howard for lying about an affair, did the right thing by not sacking him, Mr Gove said: “Yes”.

He added: “Matt did the right thing and the second thing that I would say is the matter now is resolved because we have a new health secretary.”

In response to another question about Mr Hancock’s conduct, he added: “Matt, to my mind, was a dedicated public servant.

“He made a mistake, but we should remember that he was one of those central to the successful vaccination program and he worked incredibly hard for the NHS.

“He’s now resigned and I think we should respect his privacy now.”

Amid security concerns over CCTV being installed in a cabinet members’ office, Mr Gove said: “I don’t think we have CCTV in my office.  

“Obviously we have security measures at the door of the Cabinet Office in order to make sure that the overall building is safe.”  

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