Callum Green


Good day people of Johnstone and beyond!

I’m Callum and I am a new presenter with Johnstone Sound Community Radio, I recently moved from Harwich in Essex to Kilmarnock, and I’m looking to serve the community and make some new friends along the way!

I have been a lover of music my entire life. I began learning to play the guitar when I was 8 or so and never looked back! Since then I have learned to play the drums, piano, saxophone and even a little bit of singing! There is always music playing from my phone or my PC, at all times of day, every day, and I couldn’t live any other way.

I spent my years at college studying sound engineering and music technology, and I’m an amateur producer. I have recorded live bands, solo artists, and produced everything from dance tunes to rap beats. The music industry is my home, and I don’t see myself anywhere else.

I decided to join the radio to share some of my favourite songs with people, and to have fun while doing so! I’m ridiculously excited for what the future holds for Johnstone Sound, and am proud to be one of the team.