Kevin McLaughlin

Hi Kevin here,
Im married to Angela, Dad to Joshua and I am a sales manager for a consumer
electronics company. I have been in the same industry for all of my working life.
I was born in Paisley and grew up in Spateston – a housing estate in Johnstone –
and later moved nearer to the town centre. I still live in the area with my family,
socialise locally and consider myself to be a proper Johnstone boy.
A few years back myself and a friend helped to organise some charity football
games within Johnstone to try and support some local organisation’s and the
project, which lasted for four years, was really enjoyable and successful.
Afterwards I felt I wanted to help or be involved in some other way within the
community, whether that be with charity or voluntary work.
I met the Johnstone Sound team and, given my love for music and a previous
association with radio, it seemed right to get involved with the station. I’ve been
presenting some early morning live shows and now also the Thursday night 8pm
to 10pm live slot. It’s all been great fun to say the least.
We have a great team and set up here at Johnstone Sound and hopefully I can
help to spread the word and raise awareness of the station.
You can be involved with Johnstone Sound also – we would love to hear from
Best wishes and stay safe.