Nicola Sturgeon invites Boris Johnson to Bute House for talks this week

NICOLA Sturgeon has invited Boris Johnson to her official residence in Edinburgh this week to discuss the pandemic.

The Prime Minister is expected to visit Scotland in the coming days, although no details have been confirmed so far.

Ms Sturgeon wrote on Twitter: “I understand the PM will visit Scotland later this week.

“Since this would be our first opportunity to meet in person for a while, I’ve invited him to Bute House to discuss Covid/recovery.

“We differ politically, but our governments must work together where we can.”


It would be the first in-person meeting between the First Minister and Mr Johnson since the pandemic hit.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Ms Sturgeon wrote: “I understand you will be in Scotland later this week and thought this might offer us an opportunity to meet in person in Edinburgh for a discussion on the current Covid situation and our respective plans for recovery – focusing, obviously, on the areas where it is important that our governments work together.

“I would be happy to welcome you to Bute House and hereby extend an invitation.

“If you are agreeable, perhaps your private office could contact mine to discuss suitable arrangements?”

In 2019, Mr Johnson was booed by protesters in Edinburgh as he arrived at Bute House for talks with Ms Sturgeon.

Earlier today, it was reported police changed an “Operation Bunter” codename for Mr Johnson’s trip to Scotland to avoid offending the Prime Minister.

The Scottish Sun said the name given to the security preparations was switched amid concerns it echoed the fictional overweight public schoolboy Billy Bunter. 

Billy Bunter was created by Charles Hamilton using the pen name Frank Richards, and featured in stories set in a fictional English public school called Greyfriars.

He was known for his greediness and overweight appearance.

Mr Johnson famously attended Eton College and has spoken of his efforts to lose weight.

A Police Scotland spokesperson told the Scottish Sun: “Operational names are auto-generated by computer and can be changed if deemed to be inappropriate.”

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