Opinion Matrix: SNP’s ‘slapdash’ approach to vaccine passports

Sunday’s opinion page pieces tore into the Scottish Government’s plans for vaccine passports – or lack of them. Here is The Herald’s pick of those editorials.

Former Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson condemned the SNP approach to vaccine passports as “slapdash and disjointed”.

“New rules unveiled by Nicola Sturgeon this week, and set to be voted on in Holyrood in a few days’ time, now require such vaccine passports for Scots to access nightclubs and large gatherings such as concerts and football matches. But operators being asked to implement the changes say they haven’t been consulted and have been left in the dark,” she wrote.

“And all this assumes that the technology works. According to SNP backbencher John Mason, that may be an assumption too far.

“The MSP took to social media to vent his frustration – ‘Just checked my vaccine status again. Still only showing one dose though I’ve had two. Second dose was on 31st May. Phoned on 16th July and 12th August and they said it would be corrected but no changes so far.’

“If even Nicola Sturgeon’s own colleagues can’t get the system to work, what hope for the rest of us?”

Sun on Sunday

Its leader said that details of the vaccine passport plans and how it will work is still “scant” with the clock ticking down swiftly to September 30.

It pointed out that hospitality chiefs have asked hard questions about vaccine certificates and pointed out apparent inconsistencies.

“All of which piles pressure on Nicola Sturgeon and her ministers to clear things up,” said the commentary “Her political rivals haven’t helped her cause with Scottish Labour now joining the Lib Dems in opposing the plans.

“And quite apart from the questions over civil liberties that vaccine passports raise, Covid is running rampant in Scotland right now.

“Bringing in vaccine passports in a few weeks’ time will not stem the current worrying spike in cases as well as hospitalisations and deaths.

“It looks a lot like the First Minister has lost control of Covid in the face of the terrifyingly transmissible Delta variant.

“Perhaps that is the price of having many of our freedoms back.

But it doesn’t bode well for winter, vaccine passports or not.”

Sunday Mail

It’s leader raised the confusion that reigns after the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) refused to recommend jabs for healthy 12-to-15-year-olds last week, while government ministers appear “keen” to press on with the plan to keep Covid infections under control.

“If you are a parent and don’t know what to think, then join the club,” it said.

“Some of the best minds in the scientific and medical community are also split down the middle.”

The Herald Scotland

The Herald Scotland

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