Portfolio: Beldina, Govanhill, Simon Murphy

BELDINA Odenyo is a singer-songwriter who goes by the name Heir of the Cursed. Born in Kenya, she grew up in Dumfrieshire but now lives in Govanhill where she makes music that blends jazz and funk and is working in a play which explores our relationship with death.

She is just one of the Govanhill people who feature in a new exhibition entitled Govanhill Street Level #2, by photographer Simon Murphy (formerly of this parish) which is part of the Govanhill Festival. It’s a follow-up to an exhibition he mounted last year and includes some 25 images mounted in various shop windows in the area. It’s a photo trail as treasure hunt, you could say.

“These images form a portrait of a place that I’m very fond of,” Murphy explains. “The photographs are a celebration of humanity and diversity. The portraits are presented neutrally and generally with eye contact. The message comes from the subjects: ‘This is me, this is who I am, try to understand me, we are not so different.’”

Murphy has produced a newspaper to tie in with the exhibition and will be giving clues as to where to pick it up from on his Instagram feed, @smurph77, during the festival.

Govanhill Street Level #2 continues at various locations across Govanhill until August 15. For more information, visit streetlevelphotoworks.org/

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The Herald Scotland

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