Portfolio: The British Isles, Jamie Hawkesworth

FOR the last 13 years the photographer Jamie Hawkesworth has been wandering around the UK with his Leica camera, travelling from remote islands to city centres and taking photographs of what he has found.

The sometime contributor to Vogue and the New York Times has now taken enough of them to fill a new book which is more than 300 pages in length. The result, The British Isles, could be taken as a contemporary snapshot of our four countries. Or simply a record of one man’s fascination with the people he meets.
“Everyone I photograph is as important as everyone else,” he recently told the Observer. “There are no captions or names or locations, which leaves a lot of space around the portraits for people to bring their own interpretations to them.” 
So, let’s begin …

The British Isles by Jamie Hawkesworth, is published by MACK, £50. Photograph courtesy of the artist and MACK

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The Herald Scotland

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