Review: Ineos Hygienics Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

A convenient and hygienic home hand sanitiser dispenser.

Good points?

Ineos has developed its sanitiser dispenser to be reliable and provide a touchless system that protects against contact spreading viruses. This idea is not new but finding a product suitable for the home has been challenging as many come with noisy motors or are prone to leaks.

Design of the device could be described as both clean and elaborate almost like a beacon of hope propped up on top of a multi-angled base. It uses 300ml hospital grade alcohol-based gel cartridges that are easily installed or replaced through a large side panel.

The gadget is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with a single charge capable of running for six months. As it weighs 2.1kg (4.6lbs) and is not tethered to a wall for power you can easily move it anywhere you need it.

Adjustable dosage settings allow you to tailor gel usage as you desire and the sensors will alert you when the cartridge is running low.

Bad points?

It’s an expensive piece of equipment for something that essentially takes over from a finger press on a shop-bought bottle.

The design is not one which will seamlessly fit in with any home decor and reminds me of a 3D printer.

Best for …

Those cautiously venturing out into the world again but who are still diligent about their hygiene habits. Ideal for larger households with a lot of traffic.

Avoid if …

You live alone and receive few visitors or deliveries as the cost will out-weigh the convenience and novelty of not having to press a nozzle.

Score: 8/10.

Ineos Hygienics Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, £179 (

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