Ron Seeth

Although he eventually made his career in television, Ron has always had a keen interest in radio.
He joined Radio Paisley, the Hospital Broadcasting Service as a volunteer way back in 1972. He offered his spare time working in all aspects of running this valuable service. He eventually became the Programme Controller. He had already joined Scottish Television by 1973 and was intent in pursuing a career as a Tv Cameraman, but had quietly continued his love of radio, by joining Radio Clyde in a part-time capacity, not long after they had started broadcasting.
But the world of Television won the day when he joined the camera department in 1979 and radio had to take more and more of a back seat.
But that radio bug never really left him and in the mid 90’s was back involved in radio once again by presenting some programme for Q96, the then new radio station for Paisley. He has also in the past 6 years, been heard on Radio Six International, Southern Sound and HBS in Glasgow.
With the advent of many online stations being offered as an alternative to mainstream radio, Ron build his own studio at home and is a regular presenter on Johnstone Sound broadcasting live from Kilbarchan.