Feel Good Sunday – LIVE

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Presented By: Hugh Lindsay
Presenter Email: onair@johnstonesound.com


Feel Good Sunday – LIVE

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Hosted by: Hugh Lindsay

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Timezone: GMT [UTC]
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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About the Show

After a long time working in construction building houses retirement is on the horizon and although I have a passion for construction my interest and love of radio and music started back in the 60s when off shore pirate radio took off. Hearing pop music 24/7 was great back then and I used to wonder what it was like out in the north sea playing pop music and talking on the radio.
My wife and myself visited the only remaining U.K. radio ship during a live broadcast weekend back in 2018 and it brought back the memories of the good old days and happy times when the pirate radio stations blasted out great music all day.
Local community radio is now very popular and back in March when I found out about Johnstone Sound and their request for people to join the station, I jumped at the chance to get involved, admittedly I thought I would be helping out behind the scenes but when asked to get behind the mike well I’m live every Sunday From 10.00 till 12.00 with the ‘’Feel Good Sunday Show’’ with music from the sixties up to the present day and love the time I’ve had on the station.
I also coach and run a local Judo club and have been involved in Judo for longer than I care to remember in fact that’s where I met my dear wife Yvonne as she threw me around the judo mat.