SNP MP calls for UK Government to compensate firms forced to close for Cop26

BUSINESSES forced to close due to COP26 restrictions should be compensated by the UK Government, an MP has said.

Carol Monaghan, SNP MP for Glasgow North West, cited an example of the Tall Ship Glenlee, which she said would be missing out on tourism income during the conference.

Ms Monaghan explained that as the vessel is within the exclusion zone for the climate summit, it will be forced to close for weeks before and after the event as well as when it is taking place in November.

She urged the UK Government to explain how the ship, and other firms, would be compensated.

She said: “The historic tall ship Glenlee is of great cultural importance to Glasgow and indeed Scotland.

“All of us Glasgow MPs know how important it is.

“As the Glenee sits within the Cop26 exclusion zone, it has been forced to close not just for the duration of the conference but for a few weeks before and after, and as such its missing out on lucrative business opportunities which will quite literally help it keep afloat.”

Ms Monaghan asked Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the house of commons and Conservative MP if he would issue a government statement “on how businesses such as the Glenlee are going to be compensated for Cop26”

However Mr Rees-Mogg did not address her question on compensation directly, instead saying that Cop26 was a benefit from being part of the United Kingdom.

He said that Glasgow would benefit economically form the conference, but acknowledged the government had a duty to help businesses if they have stopped them being able to operate.

Addressing Ms Monaghan, he said: “Obviously when the government does things which stop business taking place, there is a responsibility on the government to ensure businesses do not lose out, though cop26 ought to be a huge success for Glasgow, attracting many visitors to go there and considerable amount of expenditure.

“The overall economic benefit I hope will be good.”

The minister added: “It’s a further example of the benefits of the United Kingdom because Cop26 is taking place in Glasgow because Scotland is part of a strong and powerful United Kingdom.”

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