The Gannet: Popular Glasgow restaurant closes after heavy rain causes ‘extreme flooding’

A BUSY Glasgow restaurant had to close its doors last night due to “extreme flooding.”

Staff at the Gannet were unable to continue working as the kitchen flooded due to heavy rainfall.

In a post on Facebook, the Finnieston eatery, which was fully booked, apologised to customers who were set to visit them yesterday evening.

Sunday lunch reservations have also had to be cancelled as bosses say the cleanup process is “going to take some time.”


HeraldScotland: [Image: The Gannet/Facebook] [Image: The Gannet/Facebook]

They said: “Obviously closing when we have a fully booked restaurant is heartbreaking but we have no other option.

“We won’t be able to honour bookings for tomorrow lunch as the clean-up needed is going to take some time.

“We hope to be back up and running for evening service tomorrow.”

The Glasgow Times previously reported that a yellow weather warning issued by the Met Office was in place for most of Scotland yesterday.

Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms were forecast with the Met Office warning of disruption to travel and difficult driving conditions.

A further yellow weather warning is in place today with Glasgow set to endure more wet weather.


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