What makes the electric Nissan Leaf so special for drivers?

The Nissan Leaf is the best-known and longest-established electric car in the UK, having been on sale for a decade. 

So Nissan asked drivers from across the world how its electric car has fitted into their lives, and whether their lives have changed since the switch. 

Neil Swanson from Scotland has covered more than 84,000 clean air miles in his Leaf. He was introduced to the electric experience having won a competition that offered a go in the Leaf on a trial basis. Neil was completely won over. So won over, in fact, that he went and bought his own. 

Other drivers include Fabien Verbrugghe. Fabien runs his Nissan Leaf as an Uber ride hailing vehicle in France, where he reckons he benefits from the low running costs, levels of customer comfort, and the quietness of the driving experience, allowing him to talk to customers and act as a tour guide as well as a taxi driver. This is Fabien’s second Leaf. He started with a 40kWh model in 2018, and has now upgraded to the 62kWh version. 

Another is Quentin Lemaire, who lives in the south of France.  Following the birth of his son, Quentin wanted a car he could drive guilt-free, he says. The Leaf has not only done that, but its lower running costs have also enabled his family to enjoy family days together thanks to the cost savings the car offers. 

It’s not just European drivers that have told their story, with Stateside Shannon Monroe getting a first generation Leaf in 2020, and the family has been converted to EVs during the 125,000 miles covered. 

What else did the Nissan survey uncover? Well, current EV drivers have a lot of good things to say about their switch. Driver satisfaction is high, with 89% of EV drivers believing they made the right choice to go electric. 

On top of that, 70% of EV drivers admitted that the real-world, personal-use driving range of their car is better than they had anticipated before making the electric switch. 

Benefits include lower running costs – 83% of those surveyed admitted to having lower running costs than expected – environmental benefits, and advanced technology. 

Nissan’s Leaf has more than a decade’s worth of sales behind it and is now in its second generation version. The Japanese firm has created a ‘My Life with a Nissan Leaf’ series of videos, which showcases testimonials from those drivers that have switched to an electric car.  

Have a look and see if you should be making the electric switch today with Intelligent Car Leasing. 

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