Alex Kerr

Hi, When I was 14 years old, I built my own radio studio at my home in Howwood road, my house number was 39 so I called my first station Radio39.

I went to Cochrane Castle primary school then went to Johnstone High School. I started producing audio tapes and took them into the school for my school mates to listen to. Then when I left school in 1982 I founded a local talking newspaper for the Blind in the area called “Johnstone Talking Newspaper“.

The Talking Newspaper is still going strong and is now called “Renfrewshire Sound” and based in Paisley. I joined Hospital Radio Paisley that year too and loved every minute.

I started work at Clydeside Scottish in Johnstone as a Bus Conductor on the london Routemaster buses, then promoted up to a driver I drove these buses for about 3 years and it was great.

1990 I got married and was working for the MOD in Bicester Oxfordshire, I was transferred down from Johnstone and started my married life down there.

In 1992 I started my first FM station called “Impact FM”, as name I took from a Paisley station based in the west end of Paisley with my freind Bill Speirs. I broadcast every weekend during the summer on 101.9, just before classic fm come on air.

1995 I had a chance to broadcast a show on “Radio Silverstone” with my good friend John “Penutz”, no longer with us. I broadcast a live show to 250,000 people, to say I was nervous is an understatement.

2003 I applied for an RSL fm licence in my area of Banbury Oxfordshire and was awarded a 28 day trial broadcast keeping my Impact name but called “ImpactLive“.

between 2003 and 2010 I started a few online radio stations “BanburyLive“, “Banbury Music Radio” and “Banbury Internet Radio” a couple are still online.

Now, I miss my hometown, and my heart is always in Johnstone, where I grew up and such happy child hood memories.

2019, after working on some FM stations “BBC Radio Oxford” and “Brill Oldies” I founded “Johnstone Sound” never knowing if it would take off or if anyone was willing to help launch the station. Boy, was I wrong I was bombarded by people wanting to help. The Johnstone Sound team was formed and today we have around 10 very hard working group of volunteers, people who bring you the station as it is today.

We are a non profit community group and we get no funding from any government or private bodies. All our income comes from local businesses who advertise their services on the station, so please take time to support them.

Alpha Taxis Johnstone, is a vital part of our station as they are our station sponsor and we as a group are very appreciative of their support, and personally I cant thank then enough for what they do for us as a small group of very enthusiastic volunteers.

I now work, in web design, in fact listen our for my business ad on the stations “Web United UK” my spare time I help design and update the stations website and I suppose, I am classed as a Station Manager overseeing all that goes on with the station, so i am kept quite busy.

All our volunteer, have a PASSION for radio, and a place in their hearts like me, of Johnstone.

I you can help support us , please do we always need help.

You can hear my show on Johnstone Sound on the Alpha Late Breakfast Show Monday to Friday morning from 10am and Monday night at 10pm. Would be good to have your company.

Please contact me on