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The Johsntone Sound News Team is a dedicated group of news presenters who provide the latest news updates every hour on the Johsntone Sound. They are also part of the Scottish Radio News Service, which means they produce and present news on other local community stations all over Scotland. This ensures that people all over Scotland stay informed about the latest news and events in their local area, as well as national and international news. The team works tirelessly to provide accurate and up-to-date information, keeping listeners informed of everything from breaking news to weather updates and traffic reports. Their commitment to providing reliable news coverage is a testament to the importance of local news and the role that community radio plays in keeping communities connected and informed.

Alistair Connell – News Editor

Alisdair presents the news every weekday on then hour. also on the Alpha Late Breakfast from 10am for a local news update every 30 mins.

He also presents the news updates on the Alpha Late breakfast show

Chloe Gardener – Newsreader

is currently studying journalism at Glasgow Clyde College. In her free time she has written for several online publications including Empoword Journalism, The Indiependent, The Clyde Insider and The Collective Magazine. She is interested in covering social issues at a local level, as well as writing about mental health, film/television, gaming and culture.

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