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Hi my name is John
I am married to Violet and have a son James. We live in Johnstone,  I was brought up in Spateston until my early twenties when I got married(33years ago).  I have been a local councillor for the past 18 years.  My past jobs have been in local engineering companies as Fitter/maintenance.
One of the things I was extremely proud of was being one of the founding members of the resurgence of the Johnstone Festival which was a fantastic event which brought the whole of Johnstone together.
One of things I have noticed since joining Johnstone Sound is the friendliness’ of everyone within the Station.  They are a fantastic group of people.
I have a passion and that is music.  Mainly of the rock genre. I love live music and going to all different concerts and gigs.
I started my journey with music at an early age when listening to my mum and dad’s and uncles’ music which was vastly different from each other.   (1950/60 music to early prog)  I took this a step further when I went to work for a prog rock band called “Abel Ganz” as a drum technician while still holding down a full time job.  Many a tired day was had after gigs.
My own music taste is very wide from classical to country and from metal to punk.  I do have a passion for rock and metal which hopefully will come through in my Friday night Rock Show.
So join me on this magical tour of Rock on a Friday night.

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