Easy Sunday

presented by Al Smart

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I’m a retired BT Manager and Road Safety presenter (think speed awareness courses!) who lives in North West Leicestershire. Married, we share our home with our adopted black and white cat. (Yes, he very graciously adopted us). How did I get involved with radio presenting, well, read on…….

After a lifelong interest in radio broadcasting, especially those based on ships and abandoned wartime forts, I started as a volunteer presenter, engineer and fundraiser with Carillon Radio (a hospital radio station) in 2007. To record programmes meant a weekly trip to the Loughborough studios, but as I was self employed at the time, it was not always convenient. Coming from an engineering background, I subsequently discovered that I could record programmes from home relatively easily. I started recording programmes from home a year or so later and have carried on ever since.

I left Carillon Radio after a couple of years and ventured into the big wide world of internet radio. My main signature programme back then was “Easy Sunday”, and it continues through to today. A wide variety of music from the 1950’s to the present day, together with a number of features to keep you entertained. Hope you like it.

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